O2 UK Black Friday Deals 2024 – SIM Only & Phones

O2 to start their Black Friday phone deals early in 2024, which will follow what they’ve done the last few years. Whether it’s a new iPhone, SIM only deals, or an Android mobile phone, you’ll find their sale is full of options for all your phone and tech needs.

When it comes to O2 Black Friday weekend you can count on some amazing bargains to be had and this will include other tech products, like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watches. From Apple AirPods to lots of different phone models like an Apple iPhone to Google Pixel, the latest Samsung Galley phone and more.

When is O2 Black Friday Deals live in 2024?

Next Predicted date: 7th November, 2024.

The O2 Black Friday sale always starts around 2 weeks early and sometimes even sooner. You’ll be able to shop the phone deals within the first week of November, although expect more offers to be adding throughout the month in the build up to Black Friday online at O2 UK*.

Previous O2 Black Friday Phone Sale Dates

6th November, 2022 – Most O2 phone stores launched their Black Friday deals early this year. We saw some good offers on Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, although they wouldn’t necessarily be for everyone. It will depend on the model you’re after and the budget you have in-mind, also whether you are looking for SIM only deals on Black Friday or a mobile contract.

Updates on Black Friday 2024 Sale Dates