B&Q Black Friday Deals for 2024 – DIY to Christmas Sale

The B&Q Black Friday sale in 2024 will include some of the best DIY deals on power tools, home and garden products. In the past, we’ve seen big reductions on a Dehumidifier to Christmas lights, all types of tools and even the kids bedroom.

Do B&Q have a Black Friday Sale?

They certainly do and last year it was one of the first to start with early Black Friday deals running for a whole month. They had more deals added to the sale each week.

When’s the next B&Q Black Friday Sale for 2024?

Next Predicted Date: 1st November, 2024.

The lineup will change and while we are waiting for the exact offers, you can be sure it’s going to start early again and run for several weeks. In-store deals will likely start later than the online offering and you should see the sale land on their homepage at the start of November. See the latest OFFERS ONLINE at B&Q*. 

Previous B&Q Black Friday Sale Dates

1st November, 2022 – While it hasn’t always started this early, in 2022 the sale went live online with early Black Friday deals the moment the month started.

Updates on Black Friday 2024 Sale Dates