Black Friday UK – 2024 Deals and Sales

The first Black Friday UK 2024 deals will start a few weeks early, even if the official sale date is not until Friday, 29 November. Our website is your source for everything you need to know about the event this year and where all the best bargains are across the United Kingdom, which you won’t want to miss during one of the busiest shopping months of the year.

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For specific offers see our deals page, which will breakdown deals by popular products like Air Fryers, Laptops, TVs, and Toys and Clothing. Or, you can see a list of Black Friday stores and popular retailers.

When do deals start and what date is Black Friday in 2024?

The sales have been running for what’s become known as, “BLACK NOVEMBER” in recent years with a month long event. Stores like Boots, Smyths Toys with their Special Buys, Currys and a few others have recently become known for this, although most retailers won’t start more than 1 or 2 weeks early. If you’re wondering what day is the official sale date in 2024, it’s Friday, 29 November.

When does Black Friday End?

While the deals start over many days and at different times for each retailer, the end date for Black Friday is pretty uniform. After the last Friday in November, it’s Cyber Monday and then the Black Friday sales pretty much end. The offers then focus on everything Christmas, from decorations to food and nearer mid-December, we see more big reductions on Christmas products.



We track the most popular stores for Black Friday sales every year and help our readers find out when previous sale dates were, what the deals were before and also the predicted and known dates for sales in 2024. You’ll also learn a little about each UK shop, along with answers to popular questions seen at each store/brand page below.

Why is it called Black Friday in UK?

Black Friday is known today as the day after the US holiday Thanksgiving, which has become known as the start of the Christmas shopping season with good discounts from most shops.

Black Friday can be traced back as far as 1869, when there was a Wall Street financial crisis thanks to manipulation of the gold market. Philadelphia police officers in the 50s/60s, also described the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. This was due to heavy traffic and crowds of shoppers coming for the annual Army-Navy football game held in the city, which was also the start of the holiday shopping season.

We started to see the term, “Black Friday’, used most widely in the 1980s when retailers started to use this as a strategy in a positive way. Shoppers spent a lot of money on discounted items the day after Thanksgiving, helping shops move from losing money to making money (being in the black). At this point, we started to see retailers offer special deals and promotions to increase sales.

The term “Black Friday” started to be used in the UK from 2003 by Amazon, when they launched a Black Friday Deals Week. The momentum really started from 2010, which is when many other retailers joined in, such as John Lewis, Argos and ASDA. In 2014, the popularity of Black Friday in the UK increased even more and we saw lots of shoppers rushing to get bargains in-store. It’s now celebrated both online and in-store in the UK, also run over one or more weeks, than just one day.

Is Black Friday cheaper than Christmas sales?

This will depend on what you are shopping for and when you need it. You will likely see much bigger discounts on Christmas decorations and lighting after Black Friday, in the festive sales around mid-December. If it’s TVs, appliances and other tech you are shopping for, then you will likely see a bigger reduction over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also, it’s important to remember that the latest models won’t get reduced by much and it’s the slightly older tech that gets the biggest discount due to trying to clear stock.