Halfords Black Friday Sale 2024 – Bikes to Car Deals

Halfords Black Friday sale will arrive in 2024 around 2 weeks early and bring with it deals on kids bikes, car accessories and other car related products. This retailer offers a good range of items like camping equipment, car upgrades, parts, and more that are available in-store and on their website.

Previous events at Halfords have included deals on tools, products from Garmin, reductions on a range of bikes, lots of motoring accessories and more. If you’re after Black Friday bargains from Halfords, then this is a good time for bigger savings.

When is the next Halfords Black Friday Sale in 2024?

Next Predicted date: Friday, 15 November, 2024.

You can expect to see Halfords start their Black Friday deals around 2 weeks before the official date, just like we’ve seen for the past few years. There’s always a sale on kids bikes, car accessories and more online at Halfords*.

Previous Halfords Black Friday Sale Dates

11h November, 2022 – Halfords Black Friday sale started the earliest yet with up to 30% off lots of different items, from bikes to motoring and more.

13th November, 2021 – Like clockwork, the sale started pretty much the date we expected with even more deals on electric bikes, satellite navigation systems, scooters and more.

12th November, 2020 – Starting a week sooner than the year before, the Halfords Black Friday sale went live on 12th Nov with over 120 products included. From 30% off a range of tools, up to 30% off car cleaning products and even dash cam deals.

19th November, 2019 – Halfords started their Black Friday deals on over a week early and they had an end date of 2nd of December this year. Lots of deals with 20% OFF bikes for kids, tools, baby car seats and more.

Updates on Black Friday 2024 Sale Dates