Vodafone Black Friday 2024 Phone & SIM Only Deals

Vodafone’s Black Friday mobile phone and SIM Only deals for 2024 have been confirmed to be making a return. The mobile retailer also offers a range of broadband and TV packages in the UK, as well as phones and SIMs with huge discounts during the cyber week event.

While some people have a phone network preference, it’s worth shopping around at all networks and to see all Black Friday phone and SIM only deals for 2024. Vodafone always feature some very good offers for those who prefer SIM only.

When is Vodafone Black Friday 2024?

Next Predicted date: Friday, 22 November, 2024.

The best Vodafone Black Friday deals will all depend on exactly what you’re after and of course what your budget is, although you’ll see a huge of phones and SIM deals to suit most budgets. We expect the offers to go live around 7 days before and there’s already a Black Friday sale page live online at Vodafone*.

Previous Vodafone Black Friday Sale Dates

18th November, 2022 – Vodafone had a great range of deals on phones and SIM only offers during this Black Friday sale, which started around 7 days before the official day. So, whether it’s Black Friday SIM only deals, an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or another phone, this was a good sale covering most models.

Updates on Black Friday 2024 Sale Dates