Screwfix Black Friday 2023 Deals

The Screwfix UK Black Friday event is one for trade professionals with some amazing deals coming in 2023. From Dewalt power tools to a dehumidifier, paint, screws to work boots, radiators and more within past sales.

Screwfix Black Friday

When are the next Screwfix Black Friday Deals in 2023?

Next Predicted date: 13th November, 2023.

The Screwfix UK Black Friday deals are expected once again to start the week before and run for 2 weeks until around Cyber Monday. There’s almost certainly going to be lots of deals on power tools and other essentials for trade. See the sale online at SCREWFIX

Previous Screwfix Black Friday Sale Dates

14th November, 2022 – Black Friday deals started even earlier this year and run until Cyber Monday, 28th Nov. From better than half price Dewalt Impact Drills to Site Beagle Trousers, Trade Packs of Screws over 50% off, half price Dewalt Storage and more.

19th & 22nd November, 2021 – Screwfix said their Black Friday deals were so big, they couldn’t contain them and released some early offers. They followed up with a supercharged event on 22nd November.

Updates on Black Friday 2023 Sale Dates