Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2024 Deals – UK Sales This November

The Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals for this November, 2024, will be popular due to gamers wanting to shop the UK sales for one of the most popular gaming consoles. From bundle options that are cheaper within the sale to finding a bargain in-store, or online during cyber weekend, you’ll have a good choice from the likes of Argos, ASDA, Currys, Very and Smyths Toys this year.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday

It might not just be the console you’re looking for a good deal on, as there’s plenty of accessories too! From cases to stands, games and more with many making great Christmas gifts. See stores below for the latest offers.

Shops with Nintendo Switch Deals for Black Friday 2024

What’s the Nintendo Switch and why it is a popular gaming system?

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console that you can use as a portable gaming system, or even played on a TV screen when docked, giving you the best of both worlds. It was released back in 2017 and has since sold well over 100 million units across the world by 2023.

One of the reasons the Nintendo Switch is extremely popular is due to the unique experience it offered when compared to other consoles. You can even detach the Nintendo Switch game controllers, which are called Joy-Cons. These can be used in a number of ways, for example as a single controller, using the display and multiplayer with someone else in the same room with a controller each, or even as motion controls.

The Nintendo Switch is also popular due to a huge and diverse library of games for both kids and adults, which many are totally exclusive to Nintendo. Some of these games on the Switch include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nintendo’s online service is really good too! Lots of multiplayer games, classic games, cloud saves and more.

Choosing the Right Nintendo Switch Model

Choosing the right Nintendo Switch model will be different for each type of gamer and depends on your needs, or personal preferences. At the time of publication there’s a few Nintendo Switch models available and these include the original device Nintendo Switch with improved battery life, Nintendo Switch Lite, and the OLED Model. below are a few things to consider when buying a Nintendo Switch.

  • Play modes: The Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED Model are more versatile thanks to supporting three different modes: TV mode, tabletop mode for using the built-in kickstand, and a handheld mode so you can play on the go. The Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper, but has limitations by only being playable in a handheld mode, making it more portable and compact, but without the TV output supported.
  • Compatible software: All Nintendo Switch models are compatible with the full library of games. The experiences on different games may not be the same though, as you could need additional accessories depending on what model you have purchased. For example, some games won’t support the handheld mode and this means you may need to buy compatible controllers to play them on the Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • Controllers: The Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED Model come with a pair of detachable Joy-Con controllers. These are great for using in various ways with both motion and multiplayer games, plus the HD rumble and IR motion camera features enhance gameplay even further with select games. The Switch Lite lacks some of these extra features due to integrated controls, which means purchasing them separately.
  • Screen size: The Nintendo Switch OLED Model has really clear/vibrant and bigger 7-inch OLED screen, which is compared to the original Switch 6.2-inch LCD screen. The Lite has the smallest screen at 5.5-inch and its LCD, a good resolution, but not as impressive.
  • Storage: The Nintendo Switch OLED Model not only has a better display, but also comes with a bigger 64GB of internal storage. However, it’s easy to increase the console’s storage with compatible microSD cards for any of the models.
  • Battery life: The battery life of all Nintendo Switch models can vary and will depend on different factors, like the games you play, settings you use, although the OLED Model has th best battery life at publish time (4.5 to 9 hours).
  • Price: The price of the Nintendo Switch models can vary as well, especially if you opt for a bundle, although if it’s just the console system then you’ll pay around £50 more for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model (this will no doubt change in time). The Nintendo Switch Lite costs a lot less than the other models, as it’s a cheaper more portable system that you may need to purchase additional accessories for. With this in-mind, remember to shop for your Nintendo Switch during Black Friday deals, as you’ll save more when sales are live.
Finding the Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals and Bundles in 2024

The best time to shop for a Nintendo Switch is around Black Friday, as this is when you’ll see older models receive the biggest discounts across most UK retailers. Also, some of the best bundle deals are also during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. See all these deals above, under “Shops with Nintendo Switch Deals“.

Best and Most Useful Accessories for Nintendo Switch

You can enhance your gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch console with different accessories. below are some of the most popular and useful Switch accessories:

  • Screen protector: Just like a smartphone, a screen protector is there to protect your Nintendo Switch screen from scratches, fingerprints, dust and a tempered glass screen protector is even more durable. We’d recommend choosing one of the best screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch and this would be a Tempered Glass Screen Protector, with good transparency and a better hardness rating.
  • MicroSD card: The storage space is very limited, even if you go for the OLED model, so buying a microSD card is essential if you want to play lots of games. make sure it’s a high-speed microSD card for better performance and faster loading. SanDisk is a good brand, something like the 128GB Nintendo microSDXC, which has much higher transfer speeds. You’ll be able to install hundreds of games.
  • Wireless headset: Enjoy the Nintendo Switch audio even more with a wireless headset and do away with any wires or adapters. Bluetooth connectivity is best and will deliver better compatibility and is easy to setup. Look out for the SteelSeries Arctis 7+, as it has great battery life and also a retractable microphone.
  • Pro controller: Enhance your Nintendo Switch gaming experience further with a Pro Controller and get improved comfort and precision. Look out for those with better features and functionality, like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
  • Carrying case: If you plan on taking your Switch away on holiday, to another house, or just taking it out and about, then a carrying case is an essential accessory to protect your Nintendo Switch while you’re mobile. Hard shell cases with soft linings are our preference, especially if they are lots of compartments and space for games.

These are just a few ideas for useful Nintendo Switch accessories, which will help make your gaming more enjoyable and convenient. The stores above on this page will have the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals, once events start in November.