Lush UK Black Friday Expectations for Cosmetics & Gifts Sale

Lush is loved across the UK by shoppers who enjoy their extremely popular cosmetics products and gifts. While you may be looking forward to Black Friday in 2024, it seems Lush normally only do one sale a year and if that takes place, it’s focused around Boxing Day sales on 26th December.

Lush Black Friday

No, Lush won’t be taking part in Black Friday

Lush is known for its handmade products and unlike many other retailers, Lush wont really get involved in any offer discounts or deals on its products during Black Friday sales. Instead, you’ll see Lush focus on creating fun and green surprises for their customers, who love many of their products that include Snow Fairy shower gel, Stranger Things themes, a cool Lush bath bombs gift set, sleepy lotion, lots of soaps and more.

Over Black Friday, you’ll see their site do it the Lush way, with limited-edition collections, eco-friendly initiatives and exclusive gifts. There’s so much to love about Lush, we love the body scrubs, and the products are known for their sweet and fruity scents.

How do I find out about the Lush Boxing Day clearance sale in 2024?

If you want to learn about the rare sale they have each year, you can see the terms of the last Boxing Day sale for the finer details here at Lush UK. You can also see why they don’t have lots of discount codes available like other retailers and why only one sale a year on this Q&A page, which we also spotted on the official site.

Visit the Lush website early on 26th December, 2024 to be one of the first to shop their sale, or follow their social media channels to keep updated in the lead-up to their clearance.

Updates on Black Friday 2024 Sale Dates