IKEA UK Black Friday – 2024 Offers All-Year

IKEA have run Black Friday deals and a big sale previously, so shoppers will be hoping for the same again in 2024. With that said, they stepped away and told their customers they wouldn’t take part in 2022 and instead said, their ‘prices are affordable everyday’.

The holiday season is coming so it makes sense to start preparing for Christmas, and this retailer has a good range to help you buy all you need to make things a little festive at IKEA online or in store.

IKEA has everything from modern home furniture, home entertainment cabinets, TV stands, sofas, coffee and dining tables. They also have linens, curtains, bedding, lighting, all sorts of products for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, as well as items for children and more.

Does IKEA UK have a Black Friday sale in 2024?

IKEA in the UK did not take part in the Black Friday sale last year, as far as we know they will not be taking part this year either. But any sale they do partake in will be listed on the official website. See what UK shops are taking part in Black Friday via our store list.

Updates on Black Friday 2024 Sale Dates